D.I.E. Again

Rated as my favourite drama series of 2008, D.I.E. is back again with a second season. And this time, there is no disappointment at the end of the 25 episodes. There is only addiction.

Synopsis from MuShieMoShiu
Members of the once dissolved “Death Investigation Extension (D.I.E.)” have been called together. Yue Chi Long (Kwok Chun On), Cheung Ching Yee (Kwok Jing Hung) and other team members are all gearing up to crack unsolved cold cases with their usual out-of-the-box style. Ying Ching Ching (Kwok Sonija) has been looking forward to this for a long time. She is so excited that she even brings along her baby son to work! Long is not happy about this, yet he has no choice but to take turns with other team members to take care of the baby, bringing about rounds after rounds of hilarious episodes. Ching discovers by chance that her son has inherited Long’s supernatural powers. In order to prove to Long she is as capable as him as an inspector, Ching makes use of their son’s powers in investigating. Long is even more displeased, and their relationship has suffered a great deal. Later, Long finds out that a bad guy is using Ying Pui Pui (Nancy Wu), Ching’s younger sister, to attack Ching and their son. Long gets ambushed and put in a coma, during which he has an out-of-body experience. Seeing that his wife and son are in danger, his spirit takes over Yee’s body, unexpectedly resulting in…

... a drama totally worth watching! The chemistry between Sonija Kwok and Kwok Chun On is back to burning like fire as they resume their roles as husband and wife in D.I.E. Again. As lovey-dovey as they can be, it's clearly expressed that each of them are individuals whom have a personality of their own. Their characteristics and personalities were not compromised to ensure that their characters are credible. You'll still see them going against one another when it comes to investigation styles, and yet lovingly in love when they are back home after working hours. This is a true reflection of what true love is supposed to be: Never compromise who you are to be with the person you love.

One new actress you should keep your eyes on in this series is Jessie Sum, who played the role Icy in the drama. She must be new in the entertainment industry because I don't think I have seen any TVB series with her in it. She is this sharp beautiful looking girl who totally rocks in her character in this series. She can carry the serious character perfectly charmingly, be a flirty girl, or simply be Miss Beautiful. Yet, she is so attractive in all the different roles required of her. A TVB potential to be looked out for, definitely.

The other actor whom I am fancy of is the handsome smart looking Stephen Huynh. He played the role Pierre in this series. Very charming in his white suit. Overall, the entire cast is a brilliantly put together harmony. I've never watched a drama series in which I love every character in the show. There's always bound to be someone I dislike in a series. But with D.I.E. Again, I'm in love with every single character. Probably it's because all the actresses and actors involved are playing roles which are totally different from their usual ones, and they actually successfully brought out the essence of each character. A job well done indeed!

Thank you, producer, for not allowing the awful ending in the first season to repeat in D.I.E. Again. In fact, for this series, the ending is perfectly superb because it displayed that the scriptwriter has given much thought into the entire 25 episodes. I love this very much. And I could watch it all over again if there is nothing else on my waiting list.

For all you TVB lovers out there, this is a must watch! So what are you waiting for, grab the DVDs and popcorn and start investigating through D.I.E. Again!


College Musical

I came across this series of video while I was browsing YouTube one day. The trailers look great, but the storyline is quite disappointing. Nevertheless, the music and vocals are impressive. So if you have nothing to do on a Friday night, go watch the 5-minutes episodes on YouTube. College Musical will definitely remind you of Highschool Musical.


Happy Merdeka 2009!


More Than Blue

This is a very very sad story. Clearly the producer has chosen a perfect title for such a sad story, More Than Blue is a beautiful love story about how powerful love can be when it truthfully bound two hearts. Love will cause us to do everything we can to express our love for someone and be loved in return.

Radio producer, K, was abandoned by his mother when he was a young child. Rejected and alone, his life changed when another orphan named Cream entered his life. Two lonely orphans quickly became the best of friends, living under the same roof and taking care of one another as they grow up. They became friends, family and perhaps, lovers. But when K discovered that he has only 200 days to live, the possibility of building a future together broke into pieces.

Not wanting Cream to be alone when he is gone, K began to look out for a potential guy to fill her life with happiness. When he discovered that she was interested in a well-known dentist, Joo-Hwan, he strategises a plan to get them together before his time is up. Will he succeed? Is this what Cream wants? Will he have the courage to give away the woman of his love to another man at the altar?

More Than Blue highlights the deep emotions of pain, hurt and confusion a person will go through when they have to see the person they love most building a lifetime with someone else. It reminds us that love can make us laugh and cry at the same time, be happy and sad in the same seating, and how we can be so hopeful and hopeless in a romance situation. Most of all, love causes us to be selfish. We will always act on our love for others, and that itself does not mean that we will not be selfish when we are in love. We could be anything!


Hansel & Gretel

This is freaky! Like totally freaky! Freaky movie enhanced by utterly rich colours that bring out the creepiness of the entire story, Hansel & Gretel has a wonderful story to tell about children growing up... and adults refusing to grow up. And it begins with young man, Eun-su, who is on his way to meet his mother. He is driving when an intense phone conversation distracts him and gets him into an accident. It happens so fast, there is no help as he faints behind the wheels. When he gains consciousness, he wakes up in the middle for the forest. And his freaky adventure begins.

In the dark forest, he meets a girl who kindly takes him to her home because night has fallen. He seeks rest in her home and is introduced to the family of five. He feels weird in their midst but couldn't quite tell what is amidst. His intention is to leave first thing in the morning and look for a way back to the main road. But that's not what the family has in mind.

Hansel & Gretel looks like a child's fantasy movie; what with all the goodies featured in the home of the settings. A house full of cookies, candies, toys and balloons - there is no better heaven for any children in this world. And I thought, "Oh well, this looks like a good children movie for laughter." Only to find it totally otherwise.

The story takes on a peculiar twist of the fairytale Hansel & Gretel, which all of us have grown up listening to. It's this place where a young man walks into and simply couldn't find his way out of the home forever. Conquered by three equally cute and adorable kids, you'll find yourself shivering with fear yet smiling at the same time as the story unfolds. Definitely not suitable for children below the age of 12. So parents, watch it on your own!


Oh! My God 2

I have not watched the first Oh! My God, but this second installation has proven to be quite a hilarious take and a perfect choice for a laid-back evening at home.

Oh! My God 2 is a story about the son of a taxi tycoon who takes life for granted by being a rich spoilt brat. He goes around spending money on unworthy things and even steals his mom's money when he needs more. One day, his mom decides to stop giving him money and he is forced to be a taxi driver in the family's business to earn a living and pay back the money he has stolen. That is when he meets the girl of his love.

Yet another simple love story which is both predictable and easy to understand, Oh! My God 2 brings insights of the ordinary day-to-day lifestyle of the town folks. From a porno gay hiding in disguise to a lady having a goose as pet, the series of hilarious scenes makes the movie watchable. In the midst of funny scenes, a love story unfolds with such simplicity that it reminds me how simple love should be.

Recommended to those who think Love is complicated. Love is indeed simple and straight to the point.


Brave Story: New Traveler

"This is one amazing PSP game which I could play over and over again if there is no other game on my playlist!"

The game begins with an introduction to the life of an 11 year old boy. I named the character - Cmate. The first scene unfolds with him and his friend, Miki, enjoying a quiet evening together at the park. Suddenly, Miki collapses. At the hospital, he learns that she may not be waking up from coma afterall. Feeling helpless as a friend, he wishes that there is something he could do to save her. Like many wishes, his comes true.

"Beyond the door you can change your destiny!" - a voice speaks. With the wish to save his friend, an amazing journey begins in the world of Vision. There is no guessing what's ahead with each step, but challenges are definitely paving the game to an exciting adventure where bravery, friendships and personal growth come into play.

The amazing thing about Brave Story: New Traveler is its storyline which is nicely crafted to motivate you to move on from one level to another. It's not another lame storyline placed in a game just for the sake of having a story to it, Brave Story: New Traveler is all about the story as much as it is about the concept of the game.

Turn-based roleplaying method of gaming, your character usually teamed up with two others of your choice in his adventure. And with each adventure, you learn something new about the world of Vision and the way life takes place in this mystical world. It emphasizes on how our bravery can shine through in times of need and we have to be bold to face the challenges in our life.

With great graphic effects and cool sound effects, this game got me hooked for a couple of weeks. I was looking forward to move on to the next level all the time, while unwilling to let the game ends. But when it finally ended, I've got to say that I was satisfied. Because the accompanying scene that brought the game to an end was a fantastic one. You'll have to finish the game to know what I mean.

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